Telephone booking assistance:
no more doubts
Our team of agents, located in our offices, resolve the issues users may experience during the booking process in real time. Clients feel a sense of trust provided by the telephone channel and your direct sales continue to rise.
Telephone assistance 12 hours a day
Decide on the degree of visibility you wish to give to the website assistance telephone number on your page and provide clients with a new support channel: from Monday to Friday, 12 hours a day, our agents go to great lengths to help users of your website to complete their bookings.
Yes, we speak
your language
Our multilingual service enables your clients to express themselves and be attended to in their own language. If there are no barriers to communication there won't be to booking a holiday either.
Before leaving
call us
The Paraty Tech Call Centre does not compete with direct telephone bookings made with your hotel's reception. Rather, it acts as a back-up, ensuring non-specialised staff are not obliged to resolve technical issues. It assists you and your clients who, before abandoning a booking process, can call the website assistance service in order to complete it.
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