Maximise your revenue with Price Seeker,
the most powerful comparison tool
Its 3-in-1 functionality will allow you to have full control over the parity of your rates in the OTAs, monitor your competitive set anytime you wish and, as a result, get a suggestion for your optimal price. All in real-time.
Always ahead
of your compset
As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You will never lose sight of them with Price Seeker v3. Set up your compset and you are ready to keep an eye on them. Monitor your prices, launch periodic competition reports, and establish alerts to keep abreast of their movements.

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Data Seekers
More than 200
monitored websites
Whether you are going for rate parity or not, you will be able to control the price of your hotel in more than 200 sites in real-time. Booking, Expedia, Logitravel, Catch, Trivago, Kayak, Airbnb... OTAs and metasearch engines are under your control with Price Seeker v3. Decide which sites are relevant to you and get ready to save time and money.

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Data Seekers
Do you want to know
your optimal selling price?
Price Seeker v3 has merged with our DMS to provide you with the best solutions. Taking into account all the possible variables that can influence your optimal selling price, both internal and external, our algorithm will give you the price that suits you best. Trust Price Seeker v3.

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Data Seekers
Personalized alert
system. Keep informed
The advanced, personalised alert system of Price Seeker allows you to configure and decide when you wish to be informed of changes regarding prices, always in accordance with your criteria. Wherever you are, you will receive an e-mail informing you of all the details.

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Data Seekers
Complete searches and comparisons
Run as many searches and comparisons as you wish, including a 180-day view. The advanced filter system available on Price Seeker provides you with all the information you need. Play around with the data in graphics and tables with endless options and consult your search history whenever you want.

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Data Seekers
3-in-1... and so much more
Let Price Seeker work for you with its automated features: alerts, searches, and reports. Monitor prices even one year ahead and receive any significant changes that affect your establishment via e-mail.

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Parity analyzer in OTAs
Comparisons with your competitive set
Optimal Price
Suggestion of your optimal selling price
100% Customisable
View rates and configure filters by site, room type, board basis, price, etc. Create your alerts, access the provider and monitor your parity to have more control over your distribution, and reduce your dependence on OTAs and wholesalers. Get a precise snapshot of the demand for rooms in your establishment within your region.
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