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Welcome to the revenue management revolution. Parity Maker is a real-time price matching tool. Thanks to this technology, you can be rest assured that the price strategy you have defined will be respected on different OTAs. If the rate on your website is higher, Parity Maker will automatically match it according to the business rule you have configured and it will inform the user of said price improvement.
You choose,
Parity Maker matches
It's as simple as choosing the OTA with which you wish to match your rates and establishing your business rule. When the user runs a search and the disparities coincide with your criteria, Parity Maker is activated. It matches the rate and your customer will enjoy the best price.
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Parity control and more
In addition to ensuring parity with the selected OTA and absolute control over rates, Parity Maker is a guarantee when it comes to offering the best price online to your customers. You save time and worries, reduce the rate of abandoned bookings, and increase your conversion rate all at the same time.
Time and worries
The abandoned bookings rate
Your conversion rate
Look after your users in real-time
When Parity Maker matches a price, users see a quick animation and a popup indicating that the price has been improved for them. Feeling attended to in real-time encourages them to book. It prevents them from leaving your page to make comparisons and it gives them the satisfaction of being able to book for less.

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The best ally
for your booking engine
Parity Maker is a tool created fully and exclusively by our development team. Make use of all its functions along with our booking engine, which guarantees you precision, connectivity and constant evolution. Join the revolution with Parity Maker.
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