They'll talk about you, that's a fact.
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With our online reputation management tool, Review Seeker, you can locate and manage the reviews left by your clients on different opinion portals and online agencies. It's the best way to provide a response to suggestions and to improve the online reputation of your establishment.
Compare your reputation with that of your competitors
Knowing what people are saying daily about your competing hotels can allow you to better understand comments and reviews made about your own establishment. With Review Seeker you can compare ratings of your hotel with those of your competitors.
Data Seekers
Data Seekers
Personalised reports and satisfaction surveys
Not all clients go to the trouble of leaving a review when they leave your hotel but those who do are providing you with extraordinary information. Review Seeker's satisfaction surveys make everything simple while personalised reports make things easier for you.
Data Seekers
You manage, we advise
At Paraty Tech we have a clear formula for converting online reputation into another of your hotel's strengths. With Review Seeker, you will also receive our know-how and direct advice. Management is all yours.
Data Seekers
Increase bookings and your average price
With your hotel's online reputation safe, you can be sure your bookings are also safe. The main aim of Review Seeker is to favour an increase in direct sales and to help optimise your profitability. The more in demand your hotel is the higher your prices can be.
A good reputation is synonymous with higher revPAR
Many travellers value the responses of the management team
Increase your prices by up to 8%
It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.
Warren Buffett
Start to listen to your clients the way they deserve. Having an excellent online reputation enables you to increase the price of your rooms and services and it also reflects the satisfaction of your public. Request your Free Demo now.
Price Plans.
Gold and Platinum.
Really good and the best
No. of competitors to monitor45-8
No. of channels to monitor34-6
Control your hotel's online reputation and that of your competitors on OTAs
Review and reply to comments
Analysis of your public objective based on social networks
Filter comments by country of origin, rating or OTA
Real time notifications about comments: rating, keyword, OTA, country
Monitor Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn
Compare the online reputation level of a hotel, group or brand with the average reputation
Lack of activity notifications on social networks
Export data and results reports
Quality department
Comparison of the average price of each competitor hotel per day
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