Introduction to the world of marketplaces

Marketplaces 06/04/2023
Discover the basics of a marketplace

Being part of a marketplace means being on a digital platform where different vendors offering products from different sectors come together. Marketplaces act as intermediaries between a buyer and a digital seller, so sellers offer their products on a centralized platform, while buyers can compare different options and make purchases in one place.

In a marketplace, sellers can create their own online stores within the platform and list their products, while buyers can browse and compare different product options, read comments and reviews from other buyers, and conduct purchase transactions directly. on the platform.

They have become popular in recent years due to their convenience, wide selection of products, and the ability to compare prices and read reviews from other shoppers before making a purchase.

Amazon, #1

Today, there are several marketplaces, but Amazon is undoubtedly the giant of them, in fact the platform has 5.69 billion visits per month (source: webretailer ), being the most visited marketplace in the world. Being present in it is essential for the world of e-commerce , in fact, Amazon already acts like Google when it comes to searches. Thus, users search directly on the platform itself as if they were doing it in the Internet search engine. It is already evident that Amazon is the reference marketplace in the world of electronic commerce .

It has reached the top, fulfilling 3 well-defined pillars:
  • product assortment
  • Competitive price
  • consumer experience
1. Assortment of products

Amazon wants to have as many products as possible from all categories , that way, it will always satisfy the user's needs. It manages to have as many items as possible and, above all, from all sectors, making it essential when looking to buy any product.

2. Competitive price

On the other hand, Amazon sellers compete for the much-desired attention of buyers and price is a decisive factor in the purchase decision. For this reason, the competition on the platform is fierce.

Thus, Amazon rewards the most competitive of a group of sellers of the same product, giving them the option of appearing with the famous Buy Box , which is a plus for the seller, since it will be visible on the product page and makes it easier for buyers throughout the purchase process thanks to the "Add to cart" and "Buy now" button. The customer will acquire the product in the blink of an eye!

Taking into account that around 82% of the sales generated on Amazon occur within the Buy Box, that number increases in the mobile version, since the button is just below the photo (according to Statista data), it is not of no wonder it is so in demand.

3. Consumer experience

The consumer experience is essential for Amazon: delivery times, customer satisfaction, the exclusive Prime service... Everything is focused on customer satisfaction and subsequent loyalty. One of its strengths is its great success along with perseverance in innovation and operational efficiency.

How to understand Amazon dynamics

Due to all this, it is important as a company to monitor the prices, stock and promotions that your different distributors may apply. In addition to also controlling those sellers of your unauthorized products on the platform.

A price intelligence tool is about that and much more, which is very beneficial when you have a large number of products and/or sell on various platforms, automating the price adjustment process, which can save time and effort.

Doing it easily, quickly and efficiently is possible thanks to our DIP Insights tool. Regardless of the sector or industry to which you belong, DIP Insights is the definitive digital intelligence platform for those who move in the world of e-commerce .

With it you will be able to build a solid pricing strategy , always stay ahead of your competitors, create personalized offers, control your stock and those unauthorized sellers and, thus, maximize your profits . All at the click of a button.

With ever-increasing levels of competition on Amazon, the #1 choice of end-users, DIP Insights can make a world of difference for sellers and manufacturers. The latter, whether or not they sell directly through this marketplace. The former, taking advantage of the importance and cachet that the mere fact of selling through Amazon gives them. The latter, benefiting from the visibility that resellers give their products , identifying fake products or unauthorized sellers on the way.

DIP Insights offers full control over its own products, leaving nothing to chance.