Online sales in the rent a car sector account for more than 80% of the total, consequently, control over rates on the different websites, metasearch engines and direct websites of competitors is vital for any company in this sector.

Goldcar , a company of the Europcar group , was the first to bet on Price Seeker Rent a Car . A collaboration that precipitated, first, the global agreement reached with Europcar to provide them with data in all the countries in which it is present, and in 2022, to its entire network of franchisees.

Price Seeker Rent a Car is the most powerful rate shopper in the industry, with more than 500 data sources and more than 30 million extractions per day. Reports, DOR & LOR analyzers, real-time searches, alert systems, custom mapping, business intelligence... A living solution, in permanent evolution.


Price Evolution
DOR & LOR Analyzers
Real Time Searches
Monitoring of Competitors and Parity
Broker Control
Direct Channel Control
Custom Mappings
Business Intelligence

Frequent Asked Questions

  • Can I add new sites to search?
    Yes. You just have to request it and we will proceed to its development and inclusion.
  • Can I expand my competitive set or the products in my assortment?
    Yes. You just have to request it and we will proceed to its development and inclusion.
  • Is the tool updated regularly?
    Yes. Our developers are constantly improving it and adding new features.
  • Does the tool require installation?
    No. It is available via the web and you can use it from anywhere and with any device with an internet connection.
  • I have some additional needs, can I propose them?
    Yes. We are known for the close relationship we maintain with the client and our rapid response capacity. Tell us your ideas and, after approving their feasibility, they will be developed and included in record time.
  • Do you have integrations via API?
    Yes. But in addition, we offer you many other possibilities. Let us know which mode best suits your business logic and your current system.
  • Do you have a Help and Support Center?
    No. We are not very fond of tickets and we know that our clients are not either. We prefer to offer you direct attention. In addition to your assigned account, you will have direct contact with the developers to speed up the development of any novelty or correct any incident.
  • I'm not sure if you have a product for my industry or segment...
    Surely yes. Our technology adapts to any type of industry and we will be happy to open a new scope of application of our tools with you, in case we do not work with that industry yet.
  • What makes us different?
    All the technology we use is our own, which reduces our dependence on third parties to zero. In addition, our tools and applications are flexible. This allows us to make products suitable for specific needs. Our experience in different sectors has greatly expanded our perspective, favoring that these multiple visions enrich all our developments. The data we provide is probably our best guarantee. Consistent, reliable and of quality, extracted in an agile way from the widest possible range of sites: metasearch engines, direct sites, marketplaces, etc.
  • What additional information can I get?
    Margin on the net of the site, positioning of each product on the site, rates and taxes, conversion between currencies... You set the limits.