Your prices under control automatically

DIP Insights 25/01/2024
a screen shows a repricing strategy for perfumes
In a market as changing as e-commerce, where competition is unstoppable and consumers are increasingly aware and sensitive to prices, being able to react quickly and configure your new price automatically according to your business rules and Your competition is essential to stand out.

Manual pricing becomes obsolete, and it becomes a complicated task to check each item when your catalog is very dense. In this way, our technology gives way to repricing to adapt to market fluctuations in real time, optimize income and guarantee that products are sold at competitive prices, while you can focus on defining your strategy and measuring results.

Be more competitive and increase your sales

Thanks to our 360º digital intelligence platform , you will be able to not only analyze prices; We also offer a deeper and more complete view of the market with our real-time data and advanced algorithms. By integrating the automatic repricing function, DIP Insights takes your pricing strategy to the next level, since you can monitor your prices and those of your competition in all points of sale of your distribution, including the direct channel, retailer and sellers of the marketplaces. We take you from the general information to the particular SKU.

Through dashboards that cover different use cases, we help you ensure that your pricing policy is respected and we provide you with tools so that you can establish pricing automation strategies according to your own business rules and objectives. , applying our systems the new price automatically for:
  • Notify changes in the market that are relevant to your interests
  • Apply the new price based on your rules and the results of your competition
  • Determine how frequently you want to perform the relevant checks
  • Modify your business rules whenever you want easily and quickly
  • Include and exclude products, brands, categories according to your needs
  • Set limits that respect your profit margin
Discover how our platform created and optimized in-house, DIP Insights , can help you analyze prices, catalog and content . Price intelligence , together with catalog intelligence and the optimization of your digital shelf , will lead you to identify opportunities and correct weaknesses, enhancing your competitiveness.