Competition Monitoring

Analyzing and monitoring your competitors can make the difference between sales success and failure. If you sell in a marketplace, you will be interested in knowing what sellers offering the same or similar products are doing. If you are an e-retailer, you will need to monitor the activity of other e-retailers in the same segment. And if you are a brand, it is essential to monitor similar brands to know where you can establish differences at a competitive level.

Prices, catalog, stock, visibility, discounts, shipping costs... Positive disparities, those that put you a step above the rest, can be of many types. That is why it is important to monitor your compset in each of these areas.

From a given list of SKUs, with Data Seekers you can have access to the product mix of the competition, consult the price line (average, minimum and maximum) by categories, compare the price of a certain product in different points of sale or in hands of resellers (parity), detect products that only you have, that you don't have or that are obsolete, know the most competitive price, control the stock, etc.