Success in e-commerce depends on real time data . Having all the market information in real time will allow you to be better positioned against the competition and, therefore, increase sales.

Data Seekers creates 100% customized solutions according to the needs of each client.

Save time, optimize resources. Perform searches in real time, generate reports or set automated alerts to monitor all relevant sites for your decision making.

Information is the key to success. With Data Seekers , it's all yours.


Pricing Intelligence
Digital Shelf
Automated Alerts
Catalogue Analyzer
Automatic Repricing
Marketplaces Analyzer

When and how can we help you?

  • You already use a similar solution, but...
    The data is not as reliable as you would like (matching errors, anti-scrapers blocking, etc.), it is not very flexible in terms of metrics and visualization, it is not very scalable (complex and expensive), it does not integrate my data properly, it does not extract information from as many sites as I would like, etc.

    Put us to the test. Start small and we're sure you'll soon grow. DIP Insights focuses precisely on all these aspects: robustness, agility, adaptability, scalability. Because we are well aware that each client profile is unique in the way it works, analyzes, measures, etc.
  • You are a brand and you do not use any tools. How can we help you?
    First of all, we invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

    Do you know all the retailers where your product is sold? Do you have a handle on all the sellers? Do you know what your competition is doing in those retailers or on their own sites, and how well positioned they are?

    If the answer to any of these questions is NO, then we can sit down and talk anytime.
  • You are a retailer/marketplace and you do not use any tools. how can we help you?
    The first thing you should know is that, in your situation, your growth potential is extraordinary. By monitoring your competitors, for example, you can greatly optimize your own strategy. Know what they offer, at what price, what graphic material they have, where they sell, what gaps they have in their catalog, what is the state of their stock, etc. Relying on solid and reliable data is to have access to a source of opportunities.
  • In a nutshell, what does catalog intelligence bring to the table?
    Vendor list screening, identification of unauthorized vendors, product mix analysis, assortment analysis, etc.
  • In a nutshell, what does pricing intelligence bring to the table?
    Price monitoring and evolution, product matching, market evolution and comparison, dynamic pricing, repricing, seller/marketplace analyzer, etc.
  • In a nutshell, what does the digital shelf optimization bring to the table?
    It improves the quality of your product pages (name, images, description, availability, ratings and reviews, extra services) and it generates insights on how to boost brand visibility (through visual advertising elements) and how to appear in relevant search results for your products.
  • In short, what is this all about?
    Whether you sell alone or with distributors, regardless of the number of sites, channels, markets or users, DIP Insights will help you keep a detailed control of everything related to this process: who sells, where they sell, how they sell, to whom, at what price, with what resources, what is the demand for my product, what is the supply, how they are positioned, etc. It is that simple or complex, depending on how you look at it.
  • Is DIP Insights for any sector?
    Indeed. Beauty (perfumes, makeup, cosmetics, parapharmacy, etc.), electronics, household appliances, fashion (textiles, accessories, footwear, etc.), sports, toys, veterinary, pets, food, airlines, ferries, hotels, rent a car. At Data Seekers we are specialists in data extraction and monitoring.