Integration that makes
everything easier
We know it's difficult to abandon your usual work methodology. Our booking engine is already integrated with the world's main channel managers, PMSs and metasearch engines. You will be able to continue managing rates, availability, allotment, open and close out dates, etc. from our engine, the way you've always done it.
Channel Managers: unity is strength
We are now integrated with the world's main channel managers. Ask us about yours. If we don't have it yet, we can prepare the integration in a very short period of time. When we improve things for you, we also evolve.
Data Seekers
The same information on your website's booking engine and on your PMS
Our booking engine is also designed to be integrated with your hotel's PMS. In short, in addition to the versatility and flexibility when it comes to selling, it can also be integrated with your work tools in order to always offer truthful and complete information.
Data Seekers
You simply have to be on metasearch engines
Trivago, Tripadvisor, Kayak... Users search these portals so being integrated with them provides visibility of great value to your hotel's website. The higher visibility, the more visits and greater return you will get. This is just another important reason to choose Paraty Tech's booking engine.
Data Seekers
Connection, speed and stability.
These are our developments
With our booking engine's integrations, your problems are solved. You can continue to develop your revenue management tasks without giving up your tried and tested habits. You can have the peace of mind you need knowing that our partner companies such as Google is a guarantee of our know-how and the reliability of our developments.
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