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Be careful, Amazon advances the starting gun... Our motto on this important date for e-commerce is «More than ever, price intelligence». And information is power. Data is what allows you to act on time, what leads you to get it right, when it's time to decide. Without data, you are lost, wandering aimlessly. With Data Seekers you have them all, and to measure.

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Seat Cormosa becomes a pioneer by being one of the first to choose to incorporate a price intelligence tool to increase control over its catalog of second-hand vehicles. Specifically, they have opted for Cars Seeker, a solution developed by Data Seekers, a leading company in multi-industry data extraction and monitoring, recently nominated as a finalist for Best Global Technology Provider for Rent a Car, at the World Travel tech Awards.

The ecosystem of the sale of second-hand vehicles, increasingly, tends to move almost exclusively in the online environment. It is also a field in which there are permanent price variations and constant changes in stock, which makes it very difficult to monitor the competition, including managing one's own catalogue.

That is why it is especially paradoxical, as José Rueda, Business Development Manager and head of Cars Seeker comments, that it is a sector in which the culture of price intelligence is not too internalized, and in which the implementation of tools such as this It is almost anecdotal. Circumstance that gives a clear competitive advantage to those companies that have made this qualitative leap. All in all, from his point of view, this situation is changing very quickly and it is a matter of (little) time for all dealers, official and multi-brand, to rely on technology to optimize their resources and boost their online sales.

Seat Cormosa is the official Seat dealer in the province of Malaga, and is a good example of how data can solve problems associated with the activity they carry out in their business area for the sale of second-hand vehicles, and have a direct impact on the income statement. In this sense, according to Ildefonso Díaz Molina, its Sales Manager, the arduous task of comparing the prices of the vehicles for sale in the different portals and web pages of the dealerships, until now was a practically manual process that robbed him of many hours of your precious time:

"I did not have a tool as such to do it and, although some comparator platforms did emerge, none were reliable, nor did they provide the degree of detail really necessary to understand the differences between some vehicles and others.
Ildefonso Díaz Molina, Head of Sales, Seat Cormosa

Cars Seeker, he continues, "carries out searches and comparisons in a more agile way, allows you to focus on specific details, such as a certain dealer, car or even an exact model, consult the different sales or price variations of the competition, and configure an alert system in charge of notifying you if there are alterations in the market that match previously established interests”.

José is also very happy with this collaboration and with the degree of satisfaction expressed by the dealer, aware of the possibilities and versatility that they can offer with Cars Seeker, and convinced that Seat Cormosa has set an important precedent that, without room for Doubtless, it will lead many others to follow in its footsteps: “now they can analyze all the competition in their area, in addition to detecting the models with the greatest sales potential, which are also the most prone to modifications and price changes. It is information of great value, and its competitors will soon realize the nonsense of not relying on a tool like ours”.

Thanks to Cars Seeker, concludes Ildefonso, "I have notably increased sales, since, from the first moment, I know the price changes that are made in any dealership, I can anticipate any modification that occurs in the market, have access to the sales that occur from each model and, ultimately, to know if I am properly positioned for a specific model”.

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