Same game, different rules
The sectors change, the standards vary... but the approach stays the same.
We at Data Seekers can apply our knowledge and tool development to different industries. The goal remains: to ensure that the customers can run their business in the most efficient way.
Below are some of our experiences in different sectors. Which one is yours?
Growing wiser with age
Data Seekers had its beginnings in this diverse sector, now taking up a privileged and well-deserved position in the field.
We have been moving forward without losing sight of the needs of our customers to whom we have always offered the latest technology and management.
Everything you need to compare your rates with more than 100 OTAS, a simple and versatile booking engine, or an active remarketing that reduces the bounce rate.

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Data Seekers
Rent a Car
Don't hit the brakes
In this ever-growing sector, Data Seekers offers you tools that allow you to manage dates, minimum prices, fuel policies, etc.
Nobody likes getting a flat tire on their business strategy.

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Data Seekers
Phileas Fogg's allies
Whether it is by Land, Sea or Air, the speed and mobility of this sector extend to the needs of these companies.
That is why we offer our clients tools that allow rate comparison, schedules, and reservations. Choose the destination and we'll take you there.
Data Seekers
Fashion at your feet
A sector that responds according to seasons, with experienced customers when it comes to comparing prices.
Companies in this sector need to be up to date in the whirlwind of prices and stocks. We are aware of that, that is why we develop tools that will not go out of style.
Data Seekers
The proof
of the pudding
That's just a brief summary of the sectors that we manage but...
fortes fortuna iuvat (fortune favours the bold).
Our custom developments make us continue to expand our know-how around different sectors. Tell us about your case.
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